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July 2007
Scraps July '07

Suede Products recently attended Clean ’07 in Las Vegas Nevada. Pictured from left to right are Michael Selesnick, Nat Kurtzman, John Conway, Stephanie Conway, John Roth, and Luc Goossens. Clean ’07 attendance exceeded that of Clean ’05. Excluding those who registered on the show’s last day, registration was 14,564.


Product Showcase



  • Training DVD – Suede Products introduces our “Wet Cleaning” training DVD.  This easy to follow two disc instructional DVD is perfect for training new employees or refreshing your memory.
  • Lining Cleaner – It’s that time of the year for cleaning & storage of furs.  Suede Products now brings you a lining cleaner that will successfully remove stubborn stains without leaving a ring.
  • Leather Fix – (Plasticizer) This product can soften skins damaged from excessive heat or dry rot.
  • Spray Gun Cup Assemblies – As many of you know the metal gun cup assemblies are no longer in production.  Many of us have gone to plastic or even gravity feed systems.  Suede Products has found a company to manufacturer the original metal ones for us.
Spray Cup