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August 2006



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Suede Products purchases Kirk’s Suede-Life.


Kirk’s Suede-Life, Inc. has been purchased by Suede Products, LLC.  Suede Products, LLC. is owned by the same principles as  Midland Products.  Midland has been doing the bulk product manufacturing for Kirk’s for the past three years now and because of that is very familiar with the product line as well as most of the customers.  Midland is a leader in the industry of industrial, institutional and commercial maintenance products. For more information about Midland Products please visit  www.midlandproducts.com.


Suede Products will continue to serve Suede-Life customers and maintain the quality products and customer service they were famous for!



Suede Products was recently paid a visit by members of the Hakuyosha Group from Japan.  The group came to see our 20,000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing facility built in 2001.  Pictured below are (from left to right) Ichi Kawa, John Conway (Suede Products), Shoich Tuchida, John Roth (Suede Products), Kunio Sato, and Ken Muto.



New Products Available:


As the demand for diversification increases Suede Products introduces carpet cleaners and spotters.  Many wholesalers are now providing rug cleaning among their many other services.  Between Midland’s experience in the cleaning business and Suede Products’ R&D facility we are committed to providing you with, not only the BEST leather cleaning products, but all the essential products you need to be the best at what you do.   If you have a need for something you don’t see on our website or catalog please feel free to call us and ask about it. 


Aqua Foam – This highly concentrated carpet shampoo is formulated to have the proper pH and detergent properties to clean and brighten all types of carpet including “5th generation” anti-stain types.  When used properly this product will cause a minimum of wetting and therefore will eliminate browning.  Unless severe spots exist, prespotting is not necessary.


General Spotter – General Spotter will remove more common household spots and stains from carpeting than any other single carpet spotter.  It will quickly and easily remove most water-based, combination oil and water-based, and protein spots such as food, milk, grass, blood, dirt, and the vast majority of all other carpet stains.


Pet Stain & Odor Remover – Formulated to remove stains and odors caused by pet and human feces, urine, vomit, and other organic related stains and odors.  It uses bio-enzymatic action to break down organic materials making stains and odors easy to remove.  It is also suitable for regular and down filled comforters. 


Gum, Tar, & Grease Remover – An outstanding citrus-based spotter that will remove most oily stains and spots with ease.  In addition to gum, tar, and grease, this spotter is excellent on crayon, lipstick, shoe polish, wax, inks, adhesives, glues, and many other oil based stains.


Coffee & Tea Stain Remover – Formulated to remove the spots and stains left behind by coffee, tea, and many other yellowish or brown “Tannin” type stains.


Juice & Dye Stain Remover – Ideal for removing dye stains from food and beverages including juices and other colored drinks such as wine.