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Suede Products offers our customers the ability to order any of our products on-line. Use the form below to select a product(s) and then click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form. Please note that ALL Customer Information fields MUST be filled out to properly process your order. Failure to fill out all fields may result in a delay.

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How to use this form: The items are grouped by product type. Find the product in the list, and then fill in the text box next to the size (volume) of the product. For items that only come in one size (Spray Booth) just fill in the quantity of that product desired in the text box. For Super Suede Dyes and W-3000 Leather Finish, each size of the product has its own box; enter the quantity of the colors you need in each size's box. If you do not want to order a product, just leave that box blank. After you have selected all desired items, press the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

For Wet Cleaning Leather & Suede - Detailed Product Descriptions - Use BACK button to return
Wet Side Pre-Spotting Short Description
Pre-Spotter 2001 MSDS   An all purpose citrus based wet-side pre-spotter for all types of leather and suede...
Wet-Side Booster MSDS A highly concentrated anionic/nonionic wet-side detergent with optical brighteners...
Wet Cleaning Soaps  
Solo-Clean MSDS One product to clean and recondition all varieties of leather and suede...
Final Rinse MSDS   When added to the last rinse will add body (sizing) and water repellency to any suede or leather garment.
C&G Pre-Wash    
C&G Cleaning Compound    
C&G Sulphotex 2001    
Leather Bath 1    
Leather Bath 2    
Lysol IC  
Wet Side Oil    
For Dry Cleaning Leather & Suede - Detailed Product Descriptions - Use BACK button to return
Dry Side Pre-Spotting Short Description
Wonder Spotter MSDS A very effective, yet gentle, all purpose pre-spotter for both leather and suede
Geep MSDS A leather and suede safe P.O.G. type spotter...
De-Ink MSDS For safe removal of ink, marker, and paint on all types of leather, suede, and fabric...
Dry Cleaning Soaps
Leather & Lace MSDS   For use in cleaning leathers, suedes, and textiles...
F-23 Variant #6  
Gamma 1 MSDS  
C-20 MSDS Specially formulated leather dry cleaning detergent ...
Suede Soil Release MSDS  
Golden-Glo MSDS  
Pre-Boost HC  
Hardware -Detailed Product Descriptions - Use BACK button to return
Hardware and Supplies Short Description
Spray Gun (without cup assembly) Gun Gun and cup assembly sold separately
Spray Gun Cup Assembly
Paint Booth booth
Extractor/Regulator Assembly(air filter with element) extractor
Badger Air Brush w/Propel  
Air Hose 8 ft.  
8 oz. Glass Jar (box of 12)  
C & G Squeeze Tube  
Glue Gun  
Box of 12 Needles for Glue Gun  
Block sponge For cleaning or tumbling
Spray Products - Detailed Product Descriptions - Use BACK button to return
Spray Oils Short Description
Cow & Pig Neutral MSDS
Sheep Neutral MSDS
SF Neutral Reducer MSDS
Napalan Soft Feel MSDS

Fill in the quantity of a particular size, then type the colors desired in that size. An example has already been entered into the "Pints" text box under Super Suede Dyes. The example entry would be used if you want 4 pints of red and 2 pints of tan. Please delete this sample entry before you place the order.

Super Suede Dyes

Super Suede Dyes colors available:

Black MSDS
Brown MSDS
Green MSDS
Marroon MSDS
Orange MSDS
White MSDS
Yellow MSDS

W-3000 Leather Finish (paints)

W-3000 colors available:

Beige MSDS
Black MSDS
Bright MSDS
Brown MSDS
Cream MSDS
Dark Brown MSDS
Forest Green MSDS
Golden Brown MSDS
Green MSDS
Mustard MSDS
Navy Blue MSDS
Orange MSDS
Purple MSDS
Putty Grey MSDS
Red Brown MSDS
Saddle Tan MSDS
White MSDS
Yellow MSDS


Metallic Colors available:
Bronze MSDS
Pearl MSDS
Silver MSDS
Napaline Dyes
Colors available:
Dark Brown MSDS
Navy Blue MSDS
Olive Green MSDS
Red-Brown MSDS
Napaque Dyes
Vinyl W-3000
Kits -Detailed Product Descriptions - Use BACK button to return
  Short Description
Suede Spray Kit  
Leather Spray Kit  
Combo Kit  
Finishing Kit  
Wet Cleaning Kit  
Brushes - Detailed Product Descriptions - Use BACK button to return
  Short Description
Finishing Mitt Mitt
Sheepskin Brush (7098X) 7098x
Bristle with Steel Brush (7099X) 7099x
Cowhide/Pigskin Brush (7100X) 7100x
Press Pads -Detailed Product Descriptions -Use BACK button to return
  Short Description
Men´s Sleeve  
Women´s Sleeve  
Men´s Leg  
Women´s Leg  
Pocket Press Pad  
Press Pad Kit  
Miscellaneous Items
  Short Description
White Cement MSDS  
Water Resist MSDS  
Stripper #180  
Bright Finish Sealer MSDS  
  Short Description
Suede Surface Cleaner MSDS  
Leather Renewer MSDS  
Fur Products
  Short Description
Fur-Life Glaze  
Fur Top Spray  
Fur Deodorizer  

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